(2 person minimum)

 • Iquitos City

Let us you show around Iquitos city. Here, you will appreciate the architecture of elegant mansions and many others houses that were built and left in the rubber boom time. For example, the famous "Iron House" that was designed by Gustav Eiffel 1887. Also, visit the museum to see the amazing collection of life – sized statues in fiberglass of native tribes of the Amazon, as well as old photographs of the history of the city.

 • Belén Market and Floating City

The famous Belén market is the center of jungle trade for the entire Peruvian Amazon rainforest. People sometimes travel for days from their jungle communities, to sell their products here. Small, wooden river boats, filled with people, animals, meat, fruit and vegetables arrive here every day. The market itself is a maze of many streets and alleys, a chaotic scene of sellers, buyers, passing motokarros, scavenging vultures and street dogs, amid countless sales stands with fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, jungle meat like caiman, turtle and monkey. The Pasaje Paquito is known for its countless medicinal plants, potions, powders, creams and lotions, oils, and infusions, which can cure any disease known to man, while stimulating man's virility in the process. You are welcome to sample all kinds of products, taste the potent jungle brews, or just gawk and take pictures.

 • Canoe Trip on the Itaya River

While a visit to the upper Belén market is a fun thing to do on your own, we wouldn't recommend venturing into the lower Belén residential area without a guide. Not that it is a dangerous place; it's just that some residents take offense at the sight of tourists pointing their cameras at their homes. Fortunately, we have some very good friends in Belén, with whom we often explore the town. They will take us on a canoe trip through the streets of Belén (when inundated) and on the Itaya River. See the Floating City from an entirely different perspective: up close and personal!

 • Look for the Victoria Regia

The Itaya River is one of the few places in or close to the city where you can encounter the famous Victoria Regia; the largest water lily in the world. Its leaves can easily reach a diameter of 1.5 meters, while they are known to even reach 3 meters. It rarely blooms, but when it does, its flower is white the first night, and turns pink the second. It will take a little searching, but our friends usually know where they can be found.

 • Acobia Dwazoo Manatee Rescue Center

Acobia is a local non-profit organization that has just one goal; to save the Trichechus inunguis (Amazonian manatee) from extinction. The manatee is one of four manatee species in the world. Its habitat is restricted to the Amazon basin, from the island of Marajó in Brazil to the Ucayali and Napo rivers in Peru and Ecuador. They can be found in rivers, lakes, tributaries and flooded planes. Due to illegal hunting and the continuing loss of habitat, the Amazon manatee is critically endangered. Acobia-Dwazoo is doing its utmost to save as many manatee orphans as it can, while educating the local population about why the manatee must be protected and how urgent the situation is. We will visit the rescue center, where you can see how orphaned manatee babies are nursed with special milk, flown in all the way from the Dallas World Aquarium. These beautiful, gentle creatures will surely steal your heart and leave a lasting impression.

 • 160 soles per person

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San Pedro Lodge - Day Trip 2 - Belen Market

San Pedro Lodge - Day Trip 2 - Belen Market

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