(1 person minimum)

 • Jungle Walk to The Giant Lupuna Tree

The hike that we offer in the San Pedro area takes you to see the last remaining jungle giant; a lupuna tree. Lupuna is one of the hardwood trees that have all but disappeared from our region, due to generations of logging, but this one somehow escaped the loggers┬┤ attention.

Let us take you for a walk to the village of Lupuna, and then on into the forest. This is a 90-minute hike, over winding paths, through forest and along the "chakra┬┤s" (fields) of the local population. Take the climate into account, and you will realize that this can be a bit of a challenge.

"All this to see one tree?" you ask, wondering if it's worth it. Well, take our word for it; it is. The Giant Lupuna will have you in awe at its sheer size and bio diverse quality, as it is home to many plants, vines, flowers, birds, insects, reptiles; you name it. It is a small ecosystem on its own, and we guarantee you will be impressed, and glad you made the trip.

On the way our guide will show you various medicinal plants and explain their uses. You will find various fruits, depending on the season. You will also have the chance to look for monkeys, birds, insects and other jungle dwellers. Sometimes we can even hear a Jaguar roaring!

 • Boat/Canoe Ride

After the jungle walk you will have lunch and then rest for a few hours.

The guide will then take you out in a small boat or in a dug-out canoe. You will go up the river that runs next to the lodge. Here you will enjoy the beautiful view of the rain forest and you can try your luck fishing like the locals do it - with a hand made fishing rod.

During the high-water season, you can even take a trip under the canopy of the inundated rainforest, which will bring you as close as possible to nature, and give you a unique perspective of our natural environment. At the end of the day if the weather is on your side you can watch the amazing sunset over the lake that is close to the lodge.

 • 100 Peruvian soles per person

Note: We use a local guide from the village on this tour, he only speak Spanish. A translator can be hired for an additional cost.
If there is only 1 person doing day trip 3, the price will be 150 soles.

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