• Swim wear
 • Sports shoes and sandals
 • Long sleeved shirts
 • Short and long pants
 • Hat
 • Mosquito repellent
 • Sun screen lotion
 • Flash light
 • Binoculars
 • Camera

We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary and accurate advice needed for your stay. We strongly recommend that you only drink filtered water and other cold beverages during your stay. While we guarantee the quality of the food and drinks served at the lodge. During your excursion, always pay attention to the instructions and suggestions of your guide. Never eat or drink any fluids or food items without prior approval from your guide. San Pedro Lodge E.I.R.L. does not accept responsibility for any health issues, illnesses and/or injuries, theft of, or damage to your belongings that may occur during or after your visit to the Loreto region.

Contact info:

Email: info@sanpedrolodge.com

Phone: 00 51 927 096 017

RPM: #927 096 017