The San Pedro Lodge offers several day trips to destinations in and around Iquitos. We leave after breakfast, spend the day visiting a variety of interesting activities in the area, and return home for dinner.

For the real adventurer we are also offering a jungle expedition into the primary rain forest at Yarapa river.

A bilingual guide (Spanish/English) will accompany you on day trip 1, day trip 2 and on the Yarapa tour. On day trip 3 we are using a local guide from the village who only speaks Spanish.

Under you will find a short intro to each tour. Click the link on the left to get a more detailed info and to see more photos.

Yarapa River

Yarapa River - Jungle Expedition

(3 days, 2 nights - 2 person minimum)

 • Sleep in a rustic bungalow in the community on Yarapa river
 • Explore the primary rain forest
 • Jungle walks to spot for monkeys, slots, tapir, snakes, tarentulla etc.
 • Boat/canoe ride to spot for pink and grey dolphins and caimans
 • Learn about some of the many medicinal plants that exist in the Amazon
 • (Optional) Sleep in a tent to get the real feel of the wildlife, in the rain forest, at night

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 • Only 950 Peruvian soles per person

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sunset san pedro lodge

Day Trip 1 - Amazon River Tour

(2 person minimum)

Butterfly Farm, Bora Native Community, Dolphin Spotting, Bellavista Market

 • Breakfast at the lodge
 • Boat trip on the Nanay River
 • Visit Pilpintuwasi, Butterfly farm and Animal Orphanage
 • Boat trip on the Momón River
 • Visit the Bora Native Community
 • Lunch on board
 • Dolphin Spotting on the Amazon River
 • Visit the Bellavista Nanay Market
 • Return to San Pedro
 • Dinner at the lodge

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 • Only 200 soles per person

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Day Trip 2 - City Tour

(2 person minimum)

City Tour, Museum, Belén, Manatee Rescue Center

 • Breakfast at the lodge
 • Short city tour to explain the history of Iquitos
 • Museum visit
 • Explore the Belén market
 • Visit Lower Belén, residential area, floating city
 • Boat ride on the Itaya River
 • Search for the Victoria Regia, giant water lily
 • Return to Iquitos for lunch
 • Taxi ride to Acobia-Dwazoo, Manatee Rescue Center
 • Return to San Pedro for dinner at the lodge

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 • Only 160 soles per person

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Day Trip 3 - Jungle Walk and Boat/Canoe Ride

(1 person minimum)

San Pedro Village, Jungle walk, Giant Lupuna tree, Canoe Ride

 • Breakfast at the lodge
 • Guided tour of the village and local jungle
 • Learn about medicinal plants and regional plants
 • Spot animals, birds and other jungle dwellers
 • Visit the giant Lupuna tree
 • Lunch at the lodge
 • Boat/Canoe ride on the river that runs next to the lodge
 • Fishing (optional)
 • Watch the sunset over the lake (if the weather is on our side)
 • Return to San Pedro Lodge

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 • Only 100 soles per person

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